Oh. So. Sleepy

Five miles done (9 min/mile. Ish. Plan said 10 min/mile, which is just a tad ploddy…). And I’ve had a good night’s sleep, and I spent all last night with my legs stretched out in front of me, either on the phone to my parents or watching the last episode of “Life in Squares”.

I’m still sleepy.

Life in Squares had so much potential, but it just lacked something. Depth, in all honesty. It was about the Bloomsbury Set, but it missed out various key characters. Poor Carrington got left out entirely. Lytton made some bons mots, was seen randomly in bed with someone, and then posing nude with Vanessa Bell, and then all of a sudden, he was being referred to as having died, and we didn’t hear anything about how he revolutionised the writing of biographies. I’m going to have to revisit his biography,in fact, as I’m sure I don’t remember the pictures being mentioned, and it was all rather weirdly done, with a lot of gazing at photos and flashbacks and a distinct lack of context. Three episodes wasn’t enough to explore the relationships, but was probably too many episodes of hand-held-slightly-wobbly camera work (the first episode left me feeling faintly nauseated). The costumes were glorious, the make up was superb. The acting was utterly wonderful. They filmed on location at Charleston (I want to go to Charleston!). I think it was, essentially, undemanding Monday night telly. Gentle. Not too challenging. Certainly it hit the spot while N practised the guitar in the sitting room. I flopped, knitted, ate ice cream and nibbled on biscuits. And I think the calf appreciated this. My equanimity certainly did.

Coffee. Coffee is evidently what is required here.