We have exchanged contracts, and, finally, after 12 years, I’ll be moving out of London! Having been very against the idea for an awfully long time, I’m ready. I’m fed up with the noise, the pollution, the noise, the mess, the people. I’m OK to move on. Even if the commute is going to more-or-less double in length.  Which is going to make any future marathon training somewhat interesting. I can see we’re going to be cycling to the station.

(Have you any idea how expensive removal firms are?! I am fainting at the quotes. But we are still van-free, and the idea of getting it all done in one day is vastly preferable to trying to do it ourselves over several trips once we’ve finally achieved a van again).

Apart from that, and some very sweaty running (Parkrun on Saturday, 20 miles on Sunday), not an awful lot has been achieved. Well. I finally finished N’s 1st Wedding Anniversary Present. I’ve done some book folding, in a cheap copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales: no-one is going to say that that particular book needs preserving for posterity. It was very time consuming – it took about six hours all told. I got better with practice, as with many things, and I found a really good audio book was the key to getting it done. I spent most of Sunday, after I’d finished the 20 miles run, lazing it up in bed, stretching my tight calf, and folding pages. N kept me supplied with tea and food (baked beans on toast!) and carefully kept his eyes shut so as not to spoil the eventual surprise. Mind you, halfway through folding a book, it looks like nothing on earth. I bought the pattern from an etsy shop, and have a second to make one for Dad. I’m not convinced I’ve got the stamina for it. I’d rather run 20 miles.

My toes, incidentally, are totally trashed from the running. You’d have thought, after completing the better part of 350 miles in a pair of trainers (including a 20 mile run), they wouldn’t surprise you with new blood blisters? You’d be wrong. I have now given up on ever having nice toes again. I’m wearing trainers one and a half sizes larger than my normal shoes, and still my toes bang about the toe box and bruise and blister. Maybe I need to try new socks? Perhaps the towelling-y ones are the problem? I know N’s been happier since he shifted brands. I’m apparently about due to change shoes (somewhere between 300-500 miles – but that aforementioned tight calf suggests that I need to change them at the lower end of the spectrum). With luck the new pair (a totally vile looking pair of Brooks) will be better… Still. I need to run the new pair in, so that means wearing the old pair for a few more miles, and I suspect I’ll hit 400 miles in them by the time I’m done.