Blood, Sweat, Gravy and Egg…

Isn’t that what Biotex used to remove from clothes? I’m giving it a workout – blood and sweat at the moment. I’ve not been indulging in gravy or egg while in running gear. My toes are still a state. Move along if you don’t want the details.

Two toes have blood blisters under the nails (or what’s left of the nails. Or where the nails used to be a few years ago. It’s hard to tell). I hit the tops of my shoes lots with these toes, despite wearing a larger size than my street shoes. I went out in the new Brooks today (photo may follow, as they’re growing on me), and, because my poor toes are still in a state of shock after Sunday, I hit the blood blisters pretty hard. Notwithstanding the fact that I’d drained them before going out (hence the need for Biotex. The inside of my socks was a state to behold). Although I didn’t quite achieve N’s spectacular blood-blister-burst on my return: he had some awful ones after a Milton Keynes Half Marathon, and hit the wall behind him with the spray; I did manage to hit myself on the nose while relieving the pressure post-run. Yeuch.

I think I need a couple of days off here. Or to cut holes in the running shoes: aha! Now I have an “old” pair that’s not totally knackered, this is probably the way forward.

Cue 7 miles tomorrow morning. With holey shoes.

Today’s 8 miles of intervals (8x800m plus 400m jog recovery, butted with 1mile jog each way) turned into 7 miles. I left too late to allow 400m jog recovery, so did 200m walk recovery. Which probably took almost as long. Much cooler on the track, and no-one was running clockwise. In fact, it was really deserted compared to last week.

I’m pretty convinced I saw Benedict Cumberbatch in the park though. Although I have no idea what he’d be doing there at that hour of the morning mid-Hamlet run. No actor in their right mind would be up and about at 7.30am the morning after a performance unless they really needed to? Mind you. I encountered Rupert Penry-Jones on Piccadilly at 8.30am once. So who can fathom the ways of the famous.