A degree of success. Soggily.

I managed an early night! In bed round about 9.45pm, lights out somewhere about 10pm. Still wasn’t inclined to get up for 3 miles this morning – and part way through rather wished I hadn’t bothered, as a short-lived deluge rendered me soggier than a damp sock that’s been left in the bottom of the washing machine.  Even the camels were hiding inside: the only animal I saw was the mad monkey who seems to live at the top of monkey mountain.

I think I may have seen Michael Palin again, as well. If not him, the gentleman in question was certainly polite and smiled and nodded as he went past.

I have a playlist for Berlin. 4 hours 40 minutes should be more than enough music. I don’t know that I’ll listen to it all the way round – but it’s there for a boost if I think things are getting a bit tough. And that suits me fine. It’s all going to be fine. We’re having sushi on Friday night. It will be fine!

(I keep repeating that, because it will come true).



Tonight, I’m going to bed early

I wanted to go last night (my plan was “get in from Brownies and dropping off stuff at 9.30pm and go straight to bed, but it didn’t quite pan out that way). I will tonight – N is at football.

If I don’t get enough sleep now, I shall a. wig out further than I am wigged out and b. make a mess of Sunday. And, I’ve done so much training, I can’t be doing with that. So. Tonight, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday. All shall be early nights. I should not be feeling tired at this point. I should feel like I’m raring to go. More sleep is definitely needed. And, I think I get a wee lie-in on Friday.  Certainly more of a lie-in than is involved with a 5:45am alarm.

One more early morning run. 3 miles. Barely seems worth it (yesterday’s 4 miles was quite fun. I saw a tiger).


Monday Blues

So far:

I left my lunch at home.

I got my hair caught in the doors of the tube.

A server collapsed and I missed the departmental meeting.

I have felt anxious about Berlin, the fact that 35% of jobs will be automated by 2035 (thank you Deloitte), the imminent move of various systems into The Cloud, Brownies Holiday, Parents’ meetings, New Leaders, the lack of response from my Team Leader. Moving house, buying fridges and the burglar alarm. Packing things. Putting things on eBay.

I am still feeling anxious about stuff. And, apparently, anxious about feeling anxious (I promise, I will keep eating. I need to be well fuelled for the weekend. Now is not the moment to try and enforce control by controlling food by not eating it).

It looks like I’m going to strike out visiting the Reichstag Dome on the third trip to Berlin running: there’s no pre-booked spots available the entire time we’re there. It’s like the Cumberland Pencil Museum all over again. Three times I’ve been up to the Lake District. Three times I’ve not managed to visit the Pencil Museum, despite declaring that I wanted to on every single trip. Some things simply aren’t meant to be!

Update: apparently, if we sit through a 45 minute lecture at 11am on Tuesday, we can visit the Reichstag Dome. HURRAH!


(That’s me laughing in the face of this adversity. It’s like saying “BOO!” to any goose that one sees while out running).


What I wanted to do vs what I did…

Today, I wanted to get up early, go for a 9 mile run, and then loll about with some knitting and the Ladygram (a new, sudden addiction, as I managed to complete one yesterday, and have several back issues of The Lady Magazine lurking, ready to be passed onto Mum).

Instead, I got up late, went for a 9 mile run (so far, so good), had a bath and a shower (very clean), failed to eat lunch, packed up three parcels, met a new leader, got some sacrificial tops for Berlin, dropped off the parcels, bought some shoes for a friend, came home, packed up the shoes, and another parcel, wrapped two presents, spent half an hour debating leaders and mentors, failed to make supper (N made it), shredded some paperwork which should have been shredded in 2013, sorted out a folder for health forms for Pack Holiday, stuffed various items into a jiffy bag for county meeting, emailed the recipients about it, emailed various leaders about where they wish to volunteer, remembered to get cash for the cleaner, emailed more leaders, spoke to my Mum, paid the Council yet more money and am now contemplating sending a letter to my Godfather in order to plot a present for my Dad.

I think I’ll get that letter done and then go and do some serious lolling with my husband.


Today I have been Morris dancing

We pootled to Hastings, which was so sunny, I bought emergency sunglasses (50p from the hospice shop). 

Isn’t it lovely? I should have made time for a paddle. 

  I made friends with a small dog.

And we did some dancing with some friends. 

All part of Hastings Seafood and Wine festival, and all jolly good fun. I think my calf has held up OK, but I am utterly shattered on the train home, as the alarm went off at 6.30am so that I could fit in 3 miles before I began. I did want to be a Parkrun tourist, but that would have involved leaving the flat at 6 am in order to get there in time, so I decided that I’d rather have a little longer in bed. 



I stood on a rat this morning

N saw a tiger. Somehow, I think he got the better deal with the running route today. Five miles, one mile jog warm up (bit fast), three miles at half marathon pace (variable, but got better as I warmed up), one mile jog cool down (far too fast, plus rat incident. I was trying to avoid a bicycle at the time. You wouldn’t think that the canal towpath would be quite so obstacle ridden, would you?).

On the plus side, the Guidemin is now more controlled. And yesterday’s six miles (the last time I’m running that particular six mile route, I suspect, ever) was lovely. Speedier than it needed to be because N also had a six mile easy on his plan, so we went out together for the THIRD time since we started marathon training 16 weeks ago. I have been running with my husband three times in the past four months. Usually, I’m only running solo because it’s parkrun – he’s not really a parkrun sort of guy. I quite like running on my own – but I find that I push myself more with N. I’m a competitive person (no? you’d not realised?). But within limits.

I’ve got an appointment with the lovelyChiro today. I have a plantar fascia that’s a bit tight, a hamstring that’s a bit iffy, and a marathon in 10 days time.

I seriously need to do some knitting. Perhaps while the Mega-Bolognese is cooking tonight.



It’s taking over. Between running the Friday night Brownies (only one more week) and running the Division, I’ve only got one free evening this week that isn’t Guiding related. Obviously, I’ll go morris dancing…because that’s a totally sensible use of a free evening! Besides, it’s good aerobic exercise, and an excuse to gossip with friends.

But oh! The Guidemin! Brownie holiday is looming (so all the paperwork for that), it’s the beginning of term (lots of paperwork and settling back in) and then the meeting of people moving down to London and trying to assign them to units. It feels like herding kittens a lot of the time. I’m never quite on top of it. I have So. Many. Lists.

On the plus side, we’ve measured up for curtains in the new place. Chosen a colour for the main bedroom: I discovered that the (non-functional) fireplace in the corner still has the original tiles in front of it. Moreover, these tiles had been painted over in iron grey, to match the fireplace paint. Underneath, they are a GLORIOUS enamel blue, similar to Delft pottery. I’m thoroughly excited, and planning to clean off the paint, and have the “feature” wall of the bedroom in a similar shade of blue. This will match our current mis-matched bedside tables, and gives me something to work with curtain-wise, and blind-wise. I’m also thrilled that most of the curtain rails were left behind. I can skip pelmets. Mum made most of our curtains and pelmets as I was growing up, and the pelmets always appeared to be vastly more stressful, despite involving less material.

Running is lovely. I wish this morning (5 miles, mizzly weather) had been a tad faster – my legs felt heavy after the weekend and not *quite* enough sleep. I also think that the calf compression thingies slow me down: has anyone else felt this? Should I have gone for the slightly larger size? I was on the cusp, measurement-wise, and they do feel if you know what I mean.

Tomorrow: six miles. Gently. Hurrah!


Note to self

y axis may not be at the same scale as x axis. Particularly for long races. 

2:09:41 (40/70 in my age group, 287/458 overall). I recommend the Farnham Pilgrim Half. Lovely route, lovely marshals, lovely medal,  lovely cuppa at the end, and a banana (I love me a post race banana), and cake and squash and a tech top. Didn’t really push, but had to to the last steep hill at scouts pace as I couldn’t quite manage it at a jog. It was a bit sandy! Considering I’m not really hill trained (most of the marathon training has been on the flat because, face it, Berlin isn’t exactly hilly), and there were a couple of bottlenecks, I’m chuffed. 

One to do again. So well organised (other than needing a few more loos. But you can say that about pretty much every race!). 


That moment when you check the course profile…


Yesterday was meant to be spent at the Last Night of the Proms. Queuing, then having fun in the Albert Hall. Alas, circumstances conspired to deny me of my preferred company. Two had gigs (one was in the choir), three had prior engagements and one fell ill. Faced with the idea of queuing on my own, and standing in a mass of people on my own, I bailed and entered a half marathon today instead. I did sell the tickets on for no profit.

I’m not sure yesterday was the best preparation for all those hills. I covered 14 miles (apparently) between parkrun, errands, and getting to the queue to sell the tickets. I did a tonne of guidemin. I failed to find the trangias. I worried about the new house. I tried to bolster N, who was full of pre gig nerves. I watched Glee and listened to the radio. I saw K in the choir at the prom. I read and I knitted. 

And now I’m on the train to a race and fretting.