Because you want to know

I had a lovely conversation with Mum last night, and we concluded that much of the calf issue is owing to being cold. And that I need leg warmers, like a ballet dancer. So I’m going to get some long socks and some compression legs. I heated the calf overnight with a hot water bottle (it’s referred to in the third person, like a recalcitrant child which isn’t part of me), and this morning’s run was quite happy, until mile 5, when I got a bit cold despite my capri pants, and the calf started to tighten a bit. Certainly an improvement on yesterday. Tomorrow I may go into long legs. Which is a thoroughly depressing thought.  I’m pleased though. A sub 9-min mile (boosted by encountering N at the halfway point), and I didn’t feel in need of coffee when I got to work. I still had some, but it was lovely to not need it.

Autumn is definitely here. The trees are turning. There was mist on the ground. It was nippy cold! But, the tiger was out, as were two camels, and the odd monkey. No meerkats or tapirs. I’m going to miss running past the zoo.  Part way round, I decided I really must get my act together and knit this jumper. I’ve been meaning to since about 2010. And I’ve had the yarn since then. It was very easy to get the yarn. Much harder to locate the pattern.

(I’m catching up with 27th August’s episode of the Archers. Helen submitting her dress to Rob for his approval has actually made me feel a bit icky. This is such a tough storyline to listen to: the gradual crushing of a strong woman. And then he pins her to the sofa. Urgh. The next episode isn’t any easier to start with. Then we get onto David yawning about cows. That’s much more like it).

And we’ve entered the Knacker Cracker.  Which reminds me. Must enter the Pednor 10.


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  1. There was such a difference in temperature when I headed out on my run last night. I put a long sleeved top on for my 5k. Regretted it by the end as I’m such a heavy sweater but I’m sure that I’ll return to layering up my top half ready for the Winter again soon depressingly. I’m a shorts girl til the end though! 😛

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