Of course it was sunny!

I wanted to do a long run! I actually ended up stripping off at about mile 7, and regrouping a bit – removed my calve-compressors, tied my t-shirt up (bad move, the camelbak rubbed my back for the remaining 11 miles, and it’s a bit sore), and exposing my navel to the crowds round The Tower of London. It was far too warm. I drank a lot, I did 18 rather than 20, and I didn’t push it. My splits aren’t impressive – and the second half is vastly slower. The second half also has lots of road crossing in it, which has something to do with it being slower. And the part where it’s all uphill doesn’t exactly help matters. However, I feel surprisingly chipper and on form. 18 miles is a good distance. 20 is exhausting. I am nervous about 26.2 – but, heck, I am doing this for the fun of it (I am never going to be speedy). Ideal is sub 4 hours for this marathon. Good is sub 4 hrs 10 minutes. If it’s hot, I’ll take finishing it without collapsing as being a major achievement.

I also, still, need to consume about 2000 calories. There is cake in my immediate future. As well as removing the tent from the washing line (it’s finally dried), putting the washing out, and handing over Stuff to T to put into the Guiding stores when she goes over tonight – she has her Mother-in-Law’s car for the day, so is doing much driving. I have a degree of Browniemin to deal with. I’ve got to bring the accounts up to date, make sure I know how much I’m going to pay in, and work out how many Brownies are interested in going on Brownie Holiday. Then some QG-min. We can now, apparently, have a cloth badge – so I thought I’d contact all the QGs in the County and do a bulk order. It’s a bit perturbing. Most of us are in our 20s and 30s. Then there are 2 in their 60s. What happened in the intervening 30 years? It’s round about the same period that we seemed to have stopped having Division Sports Days. I can’t help but think it’s related.  Girl Guide Association Doldrums.  Either that, or the QGs from that era just aren’t involved in Guiding anymore (but, again, why?!).

I’ve started knitting a Color Affection in morris dancing team colours. Miss Babs had a yarn pack, with perfect purple and gold. The green’s a bit limey, but the purple is perfect. I had to do the whole yarn-over-at-the-beginning-of-the-row thing, and the edge is rather less strained now.