Tapering Madness

I didn’t get my act together on Monday….so, belatedly, Bellatrix Socks!

I’ve also finished a pair for a colleague (to be swopped for a wooden bread board from oak from her own woodland): but those aren’t washed yet.

We are now tapering into the marathon. The runs get shorter. 5 miles yesterday (with intervals, and a bonus detour to the bank to deliver a debit card which someone had abandoned at the track – I figured that if they didn’t come back to get it while I was there, they probably wouldn’t in the 10 minutes it would take me to run the 1 1/4 miles to the bank, and, since I had to run about that far after the session, it would be extremely churlish to not go to the bank). 6 miles today – pace was pathetic. Such tired legs. The compression legs are wonderful but don’t help with the tired – only in the last mile did I feel really with it. That I did not want to wake up at all at 5.45 this morning didn’t help. N got up extremely early to run and then (finally) go to the GP. He’s been coughing during the early morning runs, nicely phlegmy productive coughs. He now has some steroid nasal spray – he’s just been snotting wildly overnight, and coughing it all out in the morning. Niiiiiice.  This should improve matters. He’s getting enough oxygen, and there is nothing to worry about with his heart – since getting Strava Premium, we’ve been worrying about how much of our runs seem to be “EPIC” on the suffer-score range. And then panicking, and having palpitations. We can stop panicking now.

Our lovely vicar has been running one half marathon a month this year. This time last year, he was managing a 2hr 22min half. He’s now catching up with me (his PB is about 20 seconds slower than mine! I need to pull myself together the next time we race!), and he’s raising money for Alzheimer’s Research at the Great North Run. He’s then doing the Windsor Half Marathon, which involves him leading the church service on harvest festival day (so all the children from the school are there, it’s total bedlam, and he name checks every single one of them during the sermon, because he’s lovely like that, but with that, and the procession of donations, it’s a long service), driving like a lunatic across the county, and running without the benefit of a proper warm up other than the sprint from the carpark. You can watch him in action at our Wedding. Yes. A whole wedding sermon based round the previous week’s episode of Dr Who. We then walked back down the aisle to the original theme tune. He’s lovely our vicar. Utterly welcoming, doesn’t worry too much about what you believe, always happy to have a deep debate, and very considerate. Also has a natty line in outre waistcoats.

Anyhow. Back to the tapering madness. I have paranoia about catching a sneezle on the tube. I wish to douse my colleagues in anti-bacterial spray in order to prevent infection, and I rather want to wrap my legs up in cotton wool at all times, just in case. And I must remember to eat properly. Yesterday was quite good – out with Mum, and steak and chips and salad for lunch, and a cake for tea, and then baked beans on toast for supper. Today, I’ve had a slice of chocolate cake and a babybel. Must do better…



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  1. My longest run for this marathon cycle will be this coming weekend and then following that I intend on taking anti-bac with me everywhere and standing as far away as possible from the children I teach during the week! Just until marathon day of course!

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