Things That Need Doing

  • A squee about my new socks. They are called Feetures, and they are all bright red, because N found a very good deal online. They are absolutely da bomb.
  • Trip to the NewHouse to measure for curtains, and conclude what (if anything) to do about flooring, carpets, wallcoverings.  Of course, I forgot the tape measure.
  • Contact Shaggy re. kitchen table
  • Sort out Health Forms for Brownie Holiday and Kip On a Ship.
  • Sort out Health Folders ditto
  • Sort out medications ditto
  • Make massive list of First Aid Equipment needed ditto. Ensure towels etc are either not packed, or packed near the top.
  • Go through, room by room, and get rid of possessions that do not need to be moved. Epic trip to charity shop
    • Bathroom
    • Spare Room
    • Sitting Room
    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom
  • Sell Mollie Makes back issues on ebay
  • Mail Wedding Present to J&D
  • Mail Wol to Row (find Wol…)
  • Buy England Kit for Sophie, and mail. n.b. check address.
  • Change picks at Waitrose to something we actually buy
  • Enjoy a rest day, a bit of a lie in, and collecting the house keys
  • Fold up the tent and put it away properly this time
  • Move the cardboard that was containing Bertha the Spinning Wheel down to the lean to
  • Tidy the sitting room
  • Put the laundry away
  • Get room booked for training on 26th Oct.
  • Pack up possessions
    • Get boxes to pack up possessions
    • book removal company (who may be able to sort out boxes)

This morning’s run was supposed to be 1 mile jog, 4 miles at half marathon pace, 1 mile jog. In my sleep deprived state, and with some very slippery pontoons round King’s Cross, it wasn’t quite that. But it averaged out at 9:10 min/mile over 6 miles, and it turns out I have another 6 mile run scheduled in, so I can do it then. I might take the phone out with me properly for the last 6 mile run, as I’ve done that route so many times, I’d quite like to share it with you. The seven swans which were haunting King’s Cross/Islington Tunnel have grown up and moved on, but there’s still plenty of coots (and I saw TWO rats today, which rarely happens. Lovely clean ratties!). There are also mallards, the odd dog waddling about, and lots and lots of gentlemen of dubious repute drinking cheap cider. Plus a few cyclist. I particularly liked the one who was (illegally) cycling along a pontoon behind me, and who said which side he’d be overtaking me on. That made my life so much easier. I knew which side to stay, he passed without incident, and the morning was rather brighter for it all.

Only two more weeks of having to run 3 mornings a week. You know, I think I’m going to miss it. And I may well go for running every other morning before work anyhow. I rather like the paradigm. And the compensatory sticky coffee before getting into work.



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