Note to self

y axis may not be at the same scale as x axis. Particularly for long races. 

2:09:41 (40/70 in my age group, 287/458 overall). I recommend the Farnham Pilgrim Half. Lovely route, lovely marshals, lovely medal,  lovely cuppa at the end, and a banana (I love me a post race banana), and cake and squash and a tech top. Didn’t really push, but had to to the last steep hill at scouts pace as I couldn’t quite manage it at a jog. It was a bit sandy! Considering I’m not really hill trained (most of the marathon training has been on the flat because, face it, Berlin isn’t exactly hilly), and there were a couple of bottlenecks, I’m chuffed. 

One to do again. So well organised (other than needing a few more loos. But you can say that about pretty much every race!). 



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