That moment when you check the course profile…


Yesterday was meant to be spent at the Last Night of the Proms. Queuing, then having fun in the Albert Hall. Alas, circumstances conspired to deny me of my preferred company. Two had gigs (one was in the choir), three had prior engagements and one fell ill. Faced with the idea of queuing on my own, and standing in a mass of people on my own, I bailed and entered a half marathon today instead. I did sell the tickets on for no profit.

I’m not sure yesterday was the best preparation for all those hills. I covered 14 miles (apparently) between parkrun, errands, and getting to the queue to sell the tickets. I did a tonne of guidemin. I failed to find the trangias. I worried about the new house. I tried to bolster N, who was full of pre gig nerves. I watched Glee and listened to the radio. I saw K in the choir at the prom. I read and I knitted. 

And now I’m on the train to a race and fretting.