What I wanted to do vs what I did…

Today, I wanted to get up early, go for a 9 mile run, and then loll about with some knitting and the Ladygram (a new, sudden addiction, as I managed to complete one yesterday, and have several back issues of The Lady Magazine lurking, ready to be passed onto Mum).

Instead, I got up late, went for a 9 mile run (so far, so good), had a bath and a shower (very clean), failed to eat lunch, packed up three parcels, met a new leader, got some sacrificial tops for Berlin, dropped off the parcels, bought some shoes for a friend, came home, packed up the shoes, and another parcel, wrapped two presents, spent half an hour debating leaders and mentors, failed to make supper (N made it), shredded some paperwork which should have been shredded in 2013, sorted out a folder for health forms for Pack Holiday, stuffed various items into a jiffy bag for county meeting, emailed the recipients about it, emailed various leaders about where they wish to volunteer, remembered to get cash for the cleaner, emailed more leaders, spoke to my Mum, paid the Council yet more money and am now contemplating sending a letter to my Godfather in order to plot a present for my Dad.

I think I’ll get that letter done and then go and do some serious lolling with my husband.