Monday Blues

So far:

I left my lunch at home.

I got my hair caught in the doors of the tube.

A server collapsed and I missed the departmental meeting.

I have felt anxious about Berlin, the fact that 35% of jobs will be automated by 2035 (thank you Deloitte), the imminent move of various systems into The Cloud, Brownies Holiday, Parents’ meetings, New Leaders, the lack of response from my Team Leader. Moving house, buying fridges and the burglar alarm. Packing things. Putting things on eBay.

I am still feeling anxious about stuff. And, apparently, anxious about feeling anxious (I promise, I will keep eating. I need to be well fuelled for the weekend. Now is not the moment to try and enforce control by controlling food by not eating it).

It looks like I’m going to strike out visiting the Reichstag Dome on the third trip to Berlin running: there’s no pre-booked spots available the entire time we’re there. It’s like the Cumberland Pencil Museum all over again. Three times I’ve been up to the Lake District. Three times I’ve not managed to visit the Pencil Museum, despite declaring that I wanted to on every single trip. Some things simply aren’t meant to be!

Update: apparently, if we sit through a 45 minute lecture at 11am on Tuesday, we can visit the Reichstag Dome. HURRAH!


(That’s me laughing in the face of this adversity. It’s like saying “BOO!” to any goose that one sees while out running).



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