Tonight, I’m going to bed early

I wanted to go last night (my plan was “get in from Brownies and dropping off stuff at 9.30pm and go straight to bed, but it didn’t quite pan out that way). I will tonight – N is at football.

If I don’t get enough sleep now, I shall a. wig out further than I am wigged out and b. make a mess of Sunday. And, I’ve done so much training, I can’t be doing with that. So. Tonight, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday. All shall be early nights. I should not be feeling tired at this point. I should feel like I’m raring to go. More sleep is definitely needed. And, I think I get a wee lie-in on Friday.  Certainly more of a lie-in than is involved with a 5:45am alarm.

One more early morning run. 3 miles. Barely seems worth it (yesterday’s 4 miles was quite fun. I saw a tiger).