A degree of success. Soggily.

I managed an early night! In bed round about 9.45pm, lights out somewhere about 10pm. Still wasn’t inclined to get up for 3 miles this morning – and part way through rather wished I hadn’t bothered, as a short-lived deluge rendered me soggier than a damp sock that’s been left in the bottom of the washing machine.  Even the camels were hiding inside: the only animal I saw was the mad monkey who seems to live at the top of monkey mountain.

I think I may have seen Michael Palin again, as well. If not him, the gentleman in question was certainly polite and smiled and nodded as he went past.

I have a playlist for Berlin. 4 hours 40 minutes should be more than enough music. I don’t know that I’ll listen to it all the way round – but it’s there for a boost if I think things are getting a bit tough. And that suits me fine. It’s all going to be fine. We’re having sushi on Friday night. It will be fine!

(I keep repeating that, because it will come true).



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