Full of Beans!

I’m full of beans! Still a bit blocked up, still with a nicely productive cough, still with a peak flow that’s dropped about 5-8% (but better than the 10% drop it was on Friday), but full of beans! I may try a run tomorrow morning (nothing too exciting. Just 3 miles along the canal and back to clear the tubes a bit. I am a great believer in clearing the tubes a bit).

Poor N, on the other hand, has succumbed. Yesterday afternoon. And I dragged him out to John Lewis to buy a sofa (with the promise of cake), and he just wilted. After we’d bought the sofa (10 week delivery, and, not leather as we didn’t like any of the leathers that were available for the model we wanted enough to spend that much money on leather), I took advantage of being in John Lewis to buy a fridge-freezer, and a washing machine. Our savings look somewhat depleted, but the new house will be functional. And the decorator (whichever we choose) has half a chance of fresh milk for his cups of tea, and will also have somewhere to store his packed lunch. N wilted still further. He didn’t even manage to go to the cinema on Sunday night – he’d booked tickets to some psychological thriller. These are Not My Thing, so I tend to leave him to them. I’m perfectly at liberty to go to the cinema on my tod, but never quite organised enough to get there. Fortunately, he likes a nice romantic film as well.

I’ve left him in bed. With tea, and some lemon-honey-and-ginger tea. And some soup in the fridge. He is alternately dozing and watching Walking Dead. Zombies are very helpful when you have a cold.