Not quite back in the groove

Hauled myself out of bed at 6.30am to go for a run. It’s a bit of a change – getting up when it’s dark. Still. The clocks must go back soon, and it’ll be a little easier then. Only a little. Left N snoozing with his cold, struggled into clothes, and went out.

The canal was quite nice and quiet. A little misty. A glorious shower of bright red ivy pouring over a wall (wish I’d taken the phone to take a snap). The odd moorhen. No noisy coots. I had intentions about hitting 3 miles at a sub-9-minute mile. I actually achieved 2.25 miles at 9:23 – vastly slower than marathon pace. No problem. Because….

  • I haven’t run for a week and a half
  • I’ve had a cold
  • My peak flow is still below-par

On the plus side, I got out and did something. The bouncing up and down did splendid things for all the phlegm that’s been sitting in my lungs, and I spent about as long expectorating afterwards as I did running. The next run will be better, and, come November, I’ll be ready for the Thames Meander Half Marathon. While I didn’t feel particularly perky before, during, or immediately after, I do feel rather more refreshed at my desk.

Plus: it’s only just now started raining. It would have been horrible in the rain.