We had such fun at Brownies last night

The kids (two) went on a treasure hunt (with four adult leaders going round the hospital with them, and another six left behind), with an endangered animals theme. At the end, there was real treasure to find. Very often, apart from the need to ensure the overseas presents have been posted, along with the overseas cards by the end of October, I object to the Christmassification of October. Yesterday, I was thrilled to find chocolate coins lurking in Waitrose, along with the advent calendars, the Lindt bears, the puddings, and the chocolate snowmen.

I also bought two Cadbury Scream Eggs. They’re not quite the same as Creme Eggs (and those aren’t the same since they changed the chocolate). But they fill a gap. I forgot to eat my pre-marathon Creme Egg. I don’t think it made much difference, to be honest. I just like eating the things pre-race. And, unlike Lucozade, they don’t contribute to my needing the loo mid-race. Incidentally, I got that spot-on for Berlin, and didn’t need the loo at all. Nor did I quite get down all my water, until the aftermath (hmmm. Perhaps I could have done better there?!). And, I had no further blackened toes/blisters afterwards, which is a massive improvement, and unexpected. I think the lack of serious hill/slope helped with this. Berlin is flat.

Today has involved lurching from crisis to crisis. However, I have managed two cups of tea, so it isn’t all bad.