Rotterdam (or anywhere)?

Liverpool or Rome?

Well. Actually. The choice is Rotterdam or Manchester. N’s fantastic Berlin time (3:22:20) would have got him in to Boston 2016 with 12 seconds to spare, had there been any places left by the time we’d run the marathon (and, seriously, he checked within minutes of getting back to the hotel). That’s too close to call for 2017. He’d have got into Boston 2015 with 1 min 18 seconds to spare with that time.

Based on how competitive it is for places, and that it’s getting more competitive, it looks like we’ve got to do another marathon to knock off two minutes. Yes, that’s we. He does a marathon, and, since I’ve started doing marathons, I do a marathon to. It’s bad enough getting up super early without having someone snoring in bed (OK. At weekends, I tend to lie in, and go out anything between an hour and two hours after him. It makes me a nicer person if I get that extra hour’s sleep. But, mid-week, we get up more or less at the same time).

So. Rotterdam? Or Manchester? Neither is on my list – because (if I’ve any aim), it’s to run a marathon in all the capital cities of Europe. So I want to do Paris, and Amsterdam…

Which would you choose? Runner or not, I’d love an opinion. They’re in April next year….I feel exhausted already.


3 thoughts on “Rotterdam (or anywhere)?

  1. Rotterdam!! Definitely. Well either as they both sound good but Rotterdam is supposed to be really good and attracts the elites and you can make a holiday out of it. Both are on my list (I pretty much have a list the length of a football pitch right now though…).

    • Part of me’s inclined to agree: apart from the fact that three people informed us “Oh, Rotterdam’s a total dump” which makes me think it’s akin to Coventry, but flatter…(I went to the University of Warwick. Back then, Coventry was a bit of a dump. I think it’s improved since).

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