Yesterday I went running

And it was a disaster. Up the hill to the heath. Talked too much. Ran too fast. Asthma attack. Pressed into the heath. N, having been asked to please produce a stream of rubbish…didn’t. So I talked even more. Second asthma attack. Gave up. Came home. Entered Manchester Marathon (on the basis that if we’re trying to find Gluten Free food the day before, it’s easier in English than Dutch). Went to the opticians, collected lots of stuff from the Guide Stores. N pulled something while lifting a crate.


The day improved. I managed to sew together ClothKitty, who is going to be my Ninja Goddaughter’s Christmas Present (I know. I had to farm out sewing skirts for myself, but feel I can manage a doll and clothes. Let’s draw a veil over the patchwork quilt that’s been ongoing for several years, shall we? Yes? Good). I have Organised many things for First Aid for Brownie Holiday. N made a storming lasagna.

And I watched this. Strong. Sad. Powerful. There’s a radio version for those of you overseas.  I want to delivery the Sophie Lancaster Foundation educational resources to the Guides – but it’s not exactly cheap. Pondering. And have emailed for information.