In which we determine that it’s a terrible idea to take a chest infection on a Brownie Holiday

Oh dear. Oh dear. I’m on the antibiotics now – for the first time since 2009. Let us not debate how much more my peak flow has dropped! I’ve been signed off work for a week, and I’m bracing myself for missing the next race (feasibly, I am not going to be in a fit shape to run a half marathon in two and a half weeks’ time, and it would be silly to try). There will be other races. I’m going to focus on Milton Keynes Half in December.

I spent all weekend on Brownie Holiday being remarkably inefficient and off the ball. I wasn’t well enough to participate properly, and, quite frankly, I should not have gone. I kept having to stop for a sit down, or a cough, or something – and when you’re in partial charge of 23 under-10s, you need to be on top form. Not partial form. Not “I am powering through on sheer willpower, adrenaline, prednisone and determination” form. It doesn’t work well for anyone. It’s frustrating, it makes life way more difficult for the other leaders on the holiday, and the only thing that kept me going was that, had I not, I’m not quite sure who would have done the first aid/health stuff. While I could have managed to get all the kit there, there wasn’t necessarily anyone in the right mindset/with the skillset for the job. So I went and did my best.

People. Learn from this. The team who were there would have managed. And I would possibly not be signed off for quite so long, feeling quite so awful. It takes a while to recover from this depth of chest infection. Which is why I do my darnednest to avoid them. I think I’ve done pretty well over the past 6 years. I was bound to have one catch up with me at some point.

I am holed up on the sofa. I have knitting, Glee, my camp blanket, The Lady Magazine, Albert Campion books, Bertha and some badges to post out. Here. Have a photo of my camp blanket. This is my second blanket (my first I started when I was a Guide, and filled up in 2010). I’m almost caught up with sewing on badges. Next: catch up on The Archers.


2 thoughts on “In which we determine that it’s a terrible idea to take a chest infection on a Brownie Holiday

  1. Oh wow! So many badges! I still have my Guide camp blanket at my parents’ house. Feels like so many years ago now since I went on my first Guide camp to Hautbois House, aged ten!
    MK half is potentially going on my race calendar as well. Half marathon is the PB I am missing from my set this year so there’s a chance I’ll be persuaded to run either Bedford or MK half in December.
    Hope you are feeling a bit better now. Feeling poorly is rubbish. Even more so when left in charge of children and have to put on a ‘face’.

    • I have such fond memories of Hautbois! We were up there quite a bit during the summer term, and tended to overnight there or in Partterson Lodge. I spent ages sewing old uniforms in the archives for my Baden Powell Trefoil. I was at 18th Norwich.

      This is about 5 years worth of badges: centenary onwards. I should take a picture of the other blanket, which has all my Brownie and Guide badges on it and really is rather crammed….

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