Sometimes, I feel you can know too much about your heart rate…

Let's try not to die, eh?

I mean. Really. 204 bpm? No wonder it was hard work. And, I was going a weeny bit faster, on average, than the previous run I’d done on Friday (all of 3 miles, at marathon pace). I am evidently entirely unfit. But full of beans. I suspect that some of this high heart rate is due to lots of use of the blue inhaler – it does tend to speed everything up. Me included. The park was lovely. I took photos on the way home. And, on the way in, all the spiders webs were decked out with dewdrops. It’s been a while since I’ve seen so many in one walk. It must have been the mist, and the general mellow fruitfulness. Possibly they’d been at work to celebrate Halloween.

I’ve spent much of the afternoon on the sofa, watching Citizen Smith with N. Or rolling around on the balance for the decorator (he wanted paying in cash. It’s a four figure sum. I’m never going to have that much cash lying around again, so of *course* I decided it was necessary to roll around on it. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Once in a lifetime experience. I love those).

I went up to my parents on Saturday. Spent the morning with Jo (my former flatmate), having an entirely necessary pedicure, and then playing with her gorgeous, happy, smiley (FOUR teeth!) son. He’s a very easy going baby. The afternoon, I looked after Mum, who’s got labyrinthitis. While Dad has done his best, going up and down two flights of stairs several times a day (and then some), he’s not quite got the energy for, or the knack of, making a sick room look tidy. He did try to make the bed, but merely achieved something very complicated and tangled with the blankets. So I re-did it. Mum’s responding well to whatever the doctor prescribed – it’s certainly removed the symptoms, and she’s going to do her balance exercises again to help her brain retrain to compensate for the wobble. 

I’ve just checked Strava. Apparently my fastest 10K on that course was an 8 min/mile in 2014 when we were training for the Rome Marathon. This race was my slowest at an average 8:57 min/mile. What a way to do a last run on a course that I’ve run at least 20 times in the last five years. Oh well.. I still managed to pass people on my way round, and I got terribly excited on lap two – the Tapir was having a bit of a gallop round his enclosure. He’s terribly shy, and I’ve only seen him once before. So that really was a treat.


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  1. I love the extra data from a HR monitor. But don’t really use it to train though haha!
    My friend had labyrinthitis… sorry to hear about your mum. Hope she recovers well!

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