It’s chilly

I have applied a blanket, some porridge and some decaf coffee. I am no longer shivering at home. This is what comes of going out for a run, and then sitting about in an unheated flat with damp hair. Folks: you get chilly. This is your PSA for Tuesday. The heating is now on. It’s November. It’s allowed.

I may go stark raving mad, and invoke a hot water bottle in a bit. The supreme decadence of it! Bet you’re jealous of my life. I am wearing my UGG slippers (a wonderful present: and when they collapse, I shall replace them. I have no idea how much they cost, but £100 would not be too much to spend on fleecy, sheepskin slippers. They are warm).

Last night I went to the CEW awards, to sell raffle tickets for the Eve Appeal. I did better than last year (I think I sold about eight last year. This year I managed ten. Which is still the smallest number anyone sold. Next year I’m aiming for a dozen). I find it quite the effort to pluck up the courage to interrupt some chattering ladies, who are all beautifully turned out (it’s an award ceremony after all), and ask them to buy a ticket. Most of them did. Some didn’t. I coveted the Celine handbag that one of the Tatler ladies’ had something chronic. But, at the better part of £1500, I shan’t be having one. That’s enough to pay for chairs in the sitting room. I don’t really use handbags anyhow: I have a rather nifty leathery rucksack, which I try not to overfill. But I do feel smart with it.

I learned from the previous year – although I couldn’t quite persuade my hair to behave (working on this. Have bought a new hairdryer which, at 2000w, is twice as strong as the one I’ve been using since I was elevenish), I did make sure my makeup was up to the job. Used the expensive foundation (the cheaper one is the wrong colour, anyhow, so I’ve binned that). Applied the wedding lipstick. Put in contact lenses. Wore good trousers (the ones Lovely Kat gave me about six years ago. They’re a US size 2, so I always feel very slim in them!). Heels. This I think helped with the sale of two more tickets. Worthwhile.

This morning we did a shade over 4 miles. 9:20 min/mile, but kept the heart rate below 185, and that’s a good thing. Saturday’s half marathon is going to involve some walking, I can tell. But if it’s a nice day, it’s going to be GLORIOUS. I was considering, on the way back, getting back to running after an illness. So, in the best traditions, I have found some questions for the three people who are lovely and read and comment…

How long does it take you to get back to “normal” fitness after a cold?

Do you concentrate on speed or stamina first?

What are your top tips for a speedy recovery?

I’ve also finished my Color Affection. Photos to follow when I’ve taken them.


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  1. I have a pair of Ugg flipflops…I’ve never worn them. I’m scared to ruin them. How ridiculous is that!? They’re so soft and lovely….
    What’s CEW? (Sorry for being dense!)

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