Oooh. That’s odd

They’ve changed the way the new blog post bit looks in the back end of this blog. How very disconcerting. All the buttons are in different places. I digress. Thoroughly.

I possess 20-odd Large Sainsbury Bags worth of books and CDs. Which would explain why, four bags into packing them up, it looked like I’d barely made a dint in the bookshelves. I think more bookshelves are required. I don’t want to be double stacking books when we move. So many old friendships have been renewed while I’ve been packing the books up, simply as I’ve revealed the books from the mire. We’ve got a lovely big dining-cum-library room (with a sort of stovey thing in it, which I’m yet to properly investigate), and the promise of two very comfy wooden chairs which used to belong to Great Uncle Geoff and Great Aunt Sybil, and which will go extremely well with my Grandmother’s Dining Suite if I upholster everything in the same material. There is plenty of space to decorate the room with books.

I’ve found some books to pass on to the charity shop (about eight) and some to sell (four Chalet School Fill-Ins. I’ve never bothered to read them, and probably won’t read them). I’m dithering about selling the Lorna Hill ballet books. I failed to get rid of a whole load of mid-century Annuals – they were just too pretty once I’d actually looked at them. I’ve been more successful at getting rid of yarn than books. Yet to sort the fabric stash or the Guiding stash.

I have been for some runs though. This early morning malarkey is really rather dark, and I think that I need to sort out some bright lights and reflective gear once we’ve moved out of the big smoke. It’s fine running in the dark-ish in London – the park’s relatively well-lit, I can avoid the canal (dark and water? Er. No thanks) until just after dawn. But the countryside, or near countryside? That’s going to be a tad darker, and I think both N and I need lights. I want to have a last run up the heath on Sunday. I’m going to miss the heath. This morning’s run was tiger-free, but did have a couple of camels. And, it was faster than the last time we ran that route, and I didn’t wheeze quite so spectacularly going up Primrose Hill, so I am getting better. Beginning to think that a sub 2-hour half at Milton Keynes is going to be beyond me, unless I’m running with N. He’s good at getting me to speed up, and keep going: and I’m always aware that I’m going slower than is a comfortable pace for him, so that gives me an extra push. When we first started going out, 4 years ago, his marathon pace was about my half marathon pace. It’s way faster now…so I need to push to keep up more!


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  1. Running in the dark beside a canal does sound a bit dubious!! As I haven’t run in like 6.5 weeks the weather is vastly different to what it was…dark, wet, windy urgh. Need to prepare myself!!

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