Hilly chilly

I wasn’t expecting a Strava PR this morning – and it may be that it’s the first time that I’ve run that particular stretch. I don’t really care. I got an unexpected Strava PR, and got to run in the chilly sunshine, and saw lots of woofs (Roly Poly Labradors, a sort of Setter-Poodle cross, chihuahuas, terriers, huskies, black labradors of a skinnier persuasion, a dog like Colin from Spaced, and heaps of whippets in smart, cosy coats). Heart Rate hit a peak of 185, which is much better – and averaged at 166. I am beginning to feel more normal.  It was the loveliest morning, a gorgeous 8 mile run. The sort of run that makes you feel good to feel alive and, if you’re me, scared for what the future might bring: because it was so lovely.

We are still packing. We are beginning to run out of things to pack, and to run out of usefully sized boxes to pack things in. We have hit the territory of “oddly shaped stuff that doesn’t seem to want to fit in nicely”. And Delicate China…