The last few days, as we pack up the flat, have been a nostalgia fest. There’s been some lasts. Last run up the Heath. Last run along the canal. Last run round the park, and the zoo. And I’ve been finding stuff. Quite apart from 17 year old pairs of knickers (Top Shop. They’re made of stern stuff as the elastic hasn’t gone. And they still fit), 18th birthday presents, and geriatric sugar, there’s been mementoes. I’ve been sharing them on Facebook, so thought I’d put them here:

My 10th birthday treat:


Eye to Ei, a region trip that took Guides, Senior Section and adults from the London Eye to the Eiffel Tower: I headed up the monopoly game, and was ably assisted by my friend Tom who did all the cards for me. It’s my maiden name, before anyone gets her up. 

My present from the ladies of the LBS Men’s Ruby Club. I did first aid for them. That night, I took the runner’s up trophy to bed with me. I was more than a little tipsy. 

Two club ties and a shirt. I was the first (and I believe only) female member of the club. 

My friend Simon, posing at Tiboli in Tome. This was about 15 years ago. 

Current knitting in progress. 

Giraffes this morning (oh, I will miss them. For a while, my commute home would be via the giraffe enclosure). 

Macaws (if you can make them out)

Soggy camels. They’re out most days. Although they are not always soggy. 

Tapirs! They’re very shy, and like a lie in: so to actually see two this morning, trotting about their cage, made up for the total lack of visible tigers. 



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    • About 30 miles! We had an excellent removal company: had we tried to do it ourselves, I think I’d have lost my temper several times over by now. Today, N is going to get the washing machine out of storage. Rather sadly, I can not wait to get going on laundry!

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