Things I did not believe I was capable of…

  • Running 1.85 miles at an average 8:39min/mile (admittedly, I petered out at that point, but this is a significant improvement. I can, apparently, do speed for short bursts. Still a wee way to go before I’m back at 10km or even half marathon PB status…my half marathon PB means I need to run at the 8:39min/mile average pace for 13.1 miles).
  • Getting the 6:45am train without killing anyone.
  • Catching a train with approximately two minutes to spare between exiting the tube and the train departure time (I must get better at not leaving it to the last possible second).
  • Managing to assemble lunch every single night before, for four straight days.
  • Not going hatstand despite three rooms out of four being totally chaotic, and the stick-on-velcro falling off the net curtains (I spent Monday night sewing it on. It was not a pleasant experience. Fortunately, I managed to bleed only on the wrong side of the curtains. Unfortunately, the only reason I bled on the wrong side of the curtains was because I was sewing the velcro onto the wrong i.e. non-window side of the curtains….).
  • Finding curtains to fit the front windows. They are a 4.6m wide bay. I found some remnant curtains in John Lewis. £675. I did not buy them, because, even at half price, that’s still a lot of money for a pair of curtains that aren’t quite the right colour.
  • Commuting for about an hour each way (the current socks are getting on famously, and I’m listening to Brideshead Revisited. I foresee an Audible Subscription in my future, when I’ve worked through all the spoken word on my iPod). My previous commute was half that…

Surprisingly, it’s really dark when it’s dark and you’re not in London. The street lights are far fewer. Next pre-breakfast run will be with headtorches. The pavements are a bit bumpy with tree-roots…



2 thoughts on “Things I did not believe I was capable of…

  1. Well done! A successful week by the sounds of things! 🙂
    I’m hoping to get my short bursts of speed a little quicker over short distances over the next few months as well. Every extra metre at that speed counts! 🙂

  2. Nice list 🙂 I hate speed work…but it is what improves your speed! At the moment I’m doing no speed work and just getting back into running. Proper training will commence at some point… *gulp*.

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