Nat West have Lost the Paperwork. Again.

I think this is about the fourth time, since May, that we’ve made an attempt to change the signatories on the Brownies’ account. At least the second time, if not the third, the paperwork’s gone AWOL for this particular account (and let’s not forget the time we had the correct paperpwork, but that the bank felt we didn’t…) We also need to change the address for statements (it’s going to my old flat: and won’t get picked up on the redirect because everything is addressed to “The Members” rather than me, so we have to collect it, and pray that any new tenants don’t bin it. I’ll have to leave instructions about that).

The level of annoyance I am currently feeling is going to fuel this lunchtime’s run beautifully.



3 thoughts on “Nat West have Lost the Paperwork. Again.

  1. I feel your frustration! I’m currently having issues changing my credit card details because I got married and moved house, so my ID was showing my previous address and in the wrong name. For some reason Tesco can’t seem to accept that I changed both these things at once! Gah!
    Hope you enjoyed your run! 🙂

  2. Nat West did manage to change my name on the four accounts I’m a signatory on. But only after an argument as to whether I had to get the other signatories to sign mandates about it. I pointed out that it was my name changed after marriage, and, really, not something that required minuting at a meeting…

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