Back to running

Isn’t that much better? This was Thursday, heading along the canal. I met a rather lovely Weimaraner, who was evidently a Private in the army, out for training with Sergeant BossyBoots, who was adamant that Private Weimaraner was going to WAIT! Private Weimaraner rather fancied joining my run…


And today (ignore the first mile. The GPS went bananas. It also went bananas on Tuesday near work. I don’t think it likes MI6 or Army Manoeuvres in the vicinity).


Isn’t that a nice selection of CR-stats? There’s not many women running round here and recording on Strava, so I’m enjoying this while it’s going on.


All in all, I think tomorrow’s half marathon is going to go O.K. And hopefully a little faster than the last one. I’d like sub-2 hours. I think this is likely – N will be running with me (a rare treat), so I’ll be pushing a little more than I might otherwise, as I get terribly competitive when running with him. For no particular reason, other than wanting to put on a Good Show. I don’t harbour any illusions about catching up with him when he’s going at his pace….

It is so nice to be feeling an improvement in running.