Glad Tidings!

I took the liberty of emailing the race organisers to find out how the gentleman was. He is still in the land of the living, so that’s OK (and he deserves his privacy).

Dark pre-breakfast run vastly improved by cheap head torch. It’s very bright. I nearly blinded myself switching it on last night.

N mended the washing machine (or, rather, put it level), so it no longer leaps about alarmingly on a full load. Or a partial load. Or, indeed, any sort of load as long as it’s a load.

And the sofa arrived yesterday. So far, I’ve used it for piling up clean laundry. At some point, I will locate cushions onto it, and then sit upon it. Maybe. It’s been that hectic, I’m having difficulty finding the time to find the nail scissors to trim my fingernails.

What’s your favourite accessory for running in the dark?

How do you organise your laundry?

Who fixes the washing machine if it goes bananas?



2 thoughts on “Glad Tidings!

  1. I like wearing a foot LED light as I tend to run in well-lit areas but need something on me to say “Hello I’m here!” to cyclists or dog walkers. I do have a head torch for when I go to badly lit areas but I do find them so annoying bouncing about my head.

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