And back to normal

Sorry for that crowing. Well. Not hugely sorry. That CR is only going to remain for as long as it takes for the previous CR holder to bother to run that particular segment again. She’s way speedier than I (30 minutes faster on a marathon, 5 minutes on a 5km). So I’ll only have it for a week, I reckon. But, it’s good for me to cane it up and down that bridge, so I’ll keep at it.

Overslept this morning, had to get the later train, did manage to have three seats to spread myself across – and, since they’re randomly decorating the meeting rooms, I suspect I can work from home on Wednesday (tomorrow I’m ferrying mum about). Last day in the office. HOORAY!

Manchester Marathon training officially starts this week. No idea quite when or where I’m going to do my intervals, but I can manage the distances quite happily. N thinks that the mistake he made for Berlin was to not run his easy runs at the slower pace he should have done, so this time round, I’ll run with him on those, and keep his pace down. Since I feel I did everything a bit slowly, this should help me speed up for my longer runs.

And, knitting wise: I need to take photos of the socks I finished last week (I can’t find my sock blockers), and I’ve nearly finished the first sock of N’s marathon pair. I’ve also finished a hat as part of a knitalong, and totally failed to photograph it or share it as part of the knitalong. It is rather glorious, though. Photos will follow, if I can get N to do a photoshoot (he will: it’s simply settling down for five minutes to actually do it!).



One thought on “And back to normal

  1. I love that you’ve kinda stalked the person you stole the CR from hehe. There was a guy at work who literally went out and just ran the segment at super fast pace just to reclaim it after it was stolen from him. It wasn’t even a proper run. i think that’s a tad sad…
    Good luck with the marathon training! I think I’ll start mine proper after Christmas…or January. January I think 😉

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