There will be some knitting content

I’ve finished two pairs of socks in December, and bought some glorious new wool in the yarn shop in Great Missenden just before Christmas. I just need to pull myself together to photograph. And that seems lower on the priority list than putting books on shelves, which is what I ought to be doing now – N built the second shelf unit for me. I think I need more shelves for it, but I should Get Going.

We’ve done a spot of running in the past couple of days. Yesterday we hurtled out at 7.30am to do 4 miles (on icy roads) before a cooked breakfast made by a former ultra runner who runs the most luxe B&B I’ve encountered. We were up in Norfolk for Sarah’s NYE wedding. It was glorious. She arranged it all in 12 weeks flat, and everyone pitched in – people brought plates of food to the church, and ran mulled wine from the tea urn, and, despite the fact we got there 15 minutes before the bride was due, it was standing room only.  Can you imagine, having made such an impact on your community (she’s the pharmacist, she plays the church organ, she’s a keen member of the running club, she volunteers all over the place, and she keeps chickens), that with about four weeks notice, the church is overwhelmed? Sarah’s brilliant. We were invited to the evening do – very simple, with origami to occupy us, an Italian accordion player, lots of running chat, some whisky (I can drink whisky!), my marathon playlist  ended up on the music system – which Sarah thought most jolly – a cake made of cheese, and jacket potatoes and chilli. We nearly ran out of beer, so LG went to get some extra.  It was a mini-school reunion, with only the people you really like for the evening (the out-and-out snob, who appears to be channeling Margaret Thatcher as a vocal model, has a PhD, and who couldn’t understand why you’d want to live in Farnborough when you could have a place in Camberwell, and believed we’d had a Star Trek themed wedding – and how tacky was that (unsaid) didn’t stay. Relief. I was feeling inadequate).

This morning we splattered through muddy puddles for 4 miles. Right now, I’m doing as many of N’s “easy” marathon runs with him as I can – because it will speed me up a little. And I slow him down a little – he thinks his Hansen plan was slightly stymied by not taking his slow runs slow enough. I think my Runner’s World plan was slightly stymied by not pushing hard enough. Tomorrow we both do 10 miles. However, I cannot do his 8min/mile pace…so we’ll do them separately. I did join the Serpentine Runners to make intervals easier (evenings, rather than lunchtime at work, which I dislike, or dark mornings, which are even worse).

I need to stop procrastinating and Put Books On Shelves. And then I’ll take a photo of it all for y’all. Along with the completed socks. If I can ever find the sock blockers to make them look all pretty in the picture.