Well, it’s not quite knitting

But it is a fully dressed Clothkitty dolly for my Ninja Goddaughter. 

And, I got my hair cut before New Year. Inches were removed. Inches of tangles, which had been bleached randomly, and which were like straw. 

I can’t get it to dry quite so smoothly myself. But it’s still cute. 

  This is a lovely spot for a wedding. 
  And here’s the happy couple. 

And this would be a yarn accident I had. I’ve had another since then, to make a cowl thing for Mum. Online shopping for the latter has meant more yarn than I need as I guessed at feel and colour. Failed to photograph the socks last night. Will do better. Yes. That’s glittery rainbow sock yarn. Two of those skeins are already being knitted. I intend to knit (and run) the f*** out of 2016. We did 6 miles this morning. At 6am. Feel free to shudder. Xxx

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    • Alas, no: I always wanted them, but never had them. So, there is a degree of wish-fulfillment here! Mind you, if you can’t fulfill some wishes with your goddaughter?

      On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 11:16 PM, Extreme Knitting wrote:


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