Muddy, muddy….

Yesterday’s feet, after 4 miles…

 And today’s were a repeat performance, but I honestly can’t see the point in taking another picture of them!


You can see where I paused to tie my shoelaces (both shoes came undone at different points), where I had a little stop in the middle for a gel and to just gaze around a bit, and where I decided to push for PBs on the the segments I know about near the end (nowhere close…I was off by about 20 seconds on one, and 7 on the other).

But, it was much better than 10 miles on the same route last week:


I’m still a bit erratic – but I’m much better when it’s not raining, and hailing, and windy at the same time. And, I think erratic comes slightly with the territory – two railways to cross, a road, and lots of dog walkers and puddles. Still. I think I could try to get better at running more smoothly.

Tomorrow, I shall have my first interval training session with an actual real live coach. I joined Serpentine Runners just before New Year (about as close as I got to a new year’s resolution. The other vague resolutions I have involve going to bed at 10pm on a school night and remembering to do exercises to strengthen core and glutes). I am a bit nervous. But, I’ve been to enough new things of this ilk to know that, generally speaking, they are fine. I’ve only had one really bad experience when joining something new – and that was more due to lack of communications than anything else (it was 15 years ago. No sense in going into it now).

I do still have an epic to-do list

  • budget for Brownie Holiday
  • Sort out Leaders in Training
  • Sort out New Leaders
  • Put Christmas Cards into Spreadsheet (I like to make sure I actually send cards where I’ve received. If I don’t keep track, I will forget someone)
  • Thank you letter to Japanese Mummy
  • Letter Guide Captain
  • Weigh parcels so I can do postage online
  • Check that Ikea do, indeed, make spare shelves for Billy Bookcases. Order these and the CD shelf to be delivered (by the time we’ve driven there, had lunch there, and bought stuff we didn’t need, I reckon it works out the same).
  • Assemble and print photos for photo frame to go into Dining Room
  • Measure up chair pads for the gorgeous chairs my cousins gave us, which used to belong to a Great Uncle and Aunt.
  • Knit maternal birthday present
  • Pack bag for tomorrow. Assemble supper.
  • Pack bag for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday.
  • Hem study curtains

Actually, by my standards, that is not epic. What have I forgotten? Ideas?

Here. Have a pair of pairs of socks.



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