My favourite cup of tea

My favourite cup of tea is the one I have after the long weekend run (about 14 miles. About 1 degree. About 9:30 min/mile but I got significantly slower towards the end as my feet had gone through one icy puddle too many). 

I rather like this mug. I have one very similar for Charles and Diana’s wedding, which lives at my parents’. 

Please excuse the state of the mat. It is decrepit but a present from Jo, so well loved. 

Next part of the plan. Go and get a resistance training band so I can do the exercises in Runners World Magazine (supposed to help the pelvic area. My right piriformis needs all the help it can get). And some milk. Because we’ve managed to get through a pint in 2 days. Normally it takes about a week (I have rice milk on porridge etc so it’s just used in tea and coffee. I had a lot of tea yesterday and there was a band rehearsal thing on Friday. The UK’s premier Heavy Metal band, Intense, runs on tea \m/).