We did a mile trial at running club tonight

7:37 minutes! Which is better than I thought I might do. So now I think I can do better than that. 

My other great achievement was having conversations with people. One on the track about sticking out my elbows. One in the changing room, while I was post shower starkers about the need for a shower. I’m the only one who showers afterwards (epic long journey home). 

These are both achievements worthy of note. 

Now on the train. Quite keen to be home!


3 thoughts on “We did a mile trial at running club tonight

  1. I’ve never run just a mile before and would be curious to see how I got on. I’ve surprised myself a couple of times at parkrun when my first mile split has popped up on my watch, but then there’s still another couple to go, so I know I haven’t pushed as hard as I could do.
    Well done on your super speedy 7:37!

  2. Wow, well done! That is very speedy!
    I have taken part in the MT magic mile before, but I just had to find a stretch of road, not used a track, so it’s not as accurate I don’t think.

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