I swear the jet lag has cancelled out the altitude training. The last two runs have been tough. I’m inclined to not go out today, but go out tomorrow instead – my legs are heavy as heck. I didn’t help myself by failing to drink enough water last night after a 5.6 mile effort (would have been more, but I had to meet a Rainbow Leader, and was lacking time. I also got interrupted by a phone call about a sofa about 2.5 miles in. Very Dirk Gently. I hope it makes it up the stairs OK today – the flat is finally let, after a month and a half, and the new tenant wanted a second sofa. As you do. Doesn’t want a table or chairs.). This morning, I woke up at 5am with what can only be described as a hangover-headache, but without the fun of alcohol… Staggered very quietly about the bedroom and bathroom, took both paracetamol and ibuprofen, drank about a pint of water, and dropped off again in less pain in half an hour. See the edifying sight of a sweaty me below. Your week is now complete? Goodo!

 Shame the alarm went off at 6am, isn’t it?

I need coffee. But I’m trying to cut back on caffeine again. And to eat more avocado, oily fish, and nuts. The avocado bit is going really well: I accidentally added six to the Ocado order this week. Someone bought us an avocado-wrangler as a wedding present. It is brilliant. No more wrestling with avocado skin, or with avocado stones. I highly recommend it. Totes amazeballs. Other wedding present highlights are the three-hour-hot-pad (that got switched on when I’d finished my nocturnal perambulations this morning), the collander that sits in the sink rather than needing to be held mid-air and the vouchers that went towards our superb sofa. I love our sofa. I’ve not made it home before 9pm yet this week, so it’s underutilised. And well loved when I do make it there.

Sunday involves a 17 mile run. Between Friday and Sunday, I need to check the smoke detector in the flat, remove the “dressing” (In desperation after six weeks of no-one wanting to rent it, I went up and put pictures on the walls, and a bedspread and pillows on the bed, only to discover that the people who’d looked at it about an hour earlier, while I was at Rainbows, wanted it and want to move in on Saturday), ensure that the ceiling in the bathroom is painted – the waterproof light fitting is a different shape from the previous one, so there’s a gap in the paintwork, clean the place (electricians made a mess), give someone a training on the Guiding Database, run Parkrun, get some trail shoes, as opposed to the lovely road shoes I was missold (I do need new road shoes at some point soon anyhow, but it’s annoying that I’m going to have to spend yet more on trainers earlier than anticipated) and make N some Valentine Biscuits (I got heart shaped cutters. And a recipe in The Simple Things magazine for peanut butter and jam cookies. He likes his peanut butter).

Work is threatening to remove our toasters if someone sets off the fire alarm again. Given that we’re a 17 storey building with several different businesses therein, you can understand why. It takes about an hour to get us all out, hang about, and then all back in. There’s a dearth of local cafés to escape to. On the other hand, Ivan now make cake at work. The decadence. 

This is me and a very hand made tshirt quilt on the last day of holiday. 

And that’s some commuter knitting. It is the yarn equivalent of unicorn farts: rainbow and glittery. 


4 thoughts on “Ooof

  1. Ahhh the knitting is really pretty! Great colours!
    Urgh I remember fire alarms going off when I was at university – middle of the night drama of people coming back drunk and trying to ‘cook’ (burn) ridiculous things. Standing in the cold in your PJs was rubbish. I’ve never actually had a fire drill at my office though…this concerns me somewhat.

  2. Fire drills are the worst! Our last one at school was during a PE lesson so my poor class had to stand outside in their shorts and t-shirts- it was so cold! Although this Friday they were testing the alarm so it kept going off all afternoon, but we were not to go outside, which was confusing, made me and lots of the children jump and just plain annoying!
    Jet lag is always tough- give it a few days and the altitude will have given you a boost once you’re over that.

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