Intervals were not a disaster area

We did an inverted pyramid, all at 10k pace, with 2 min recoveries. 8/6/4/6/8. And I bloody loved it. Big grin. Powering along, aiming to keep between 8min/mile and 8:20min/mile (I think I did – I wasn’t entirely sure, as I wasn’t watch gazing for the whole thing.

Thank you Serpies Coaches. You rock. I think I *might* be able to do this marathon thing. Hurrah!



2 thoughts on “Intervals were not a disaster area

  1. I have just found your blog from Mary’s A Healthier Moo.

    I’m marathon training too and have a niggling injury which has put me back two weeks. I’m glad to see your feeling more positive.

    • Hope your injury is getting better! Niggles are horrible: I’ve found, though, that the hip strengthening exercises in Runners World about a month ago are making a big difference to the quantity of niggles I have.

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