Ladies, talk to me of running knickers

Mine are in a parlous state. Greying  M&S brazilian style pants that used to be white, but which have been demoted to running after attempts to dye them pink, and purple, and navy failed in a fairly dramatic manner. The elastic appears to be giving up the ghost now. What with that, and the running tights which developed a fault on the zip on the pocket (I need to know that my passcard for work is secure, but not that it’s so secure that I cannot extract my inhaler without a prolonged fight!), it’s all going to hell in a handcart round my butt.

So. New running underwear is required. I’m fine on sports bras – but what does the amply-bottomed girl wear under her running tights? I think I’ll be buying black, and I want something comfy that I can throw in with the rest of the stinkay running gear on a 40 degree wash – anything lower, and there’s a risk of crotch rot. Bleagh. Do not wash your scanties at too low a temperature. Be hygienic.  Anyhow, I have a disproportionately large behind compared to my waist – not quite Kim Kardashian, but large enough to buy jeans in a “Bold Curve” cut. I get cold easily. I don’t do thongs or anything of that ilk. What to get?

ION – 12 miles over mud, hill and dale on Sunday, and I met some Jersey Cows who were listening to The Archers Omnibus on the farmer’s tractor’s radio.  A Coach Jeff Half Hour Lunchtime Quickie on Tuesday (brutal and short, and boy, could I feel it the next day), 7 miles along the canal yesterday (ploddy and muddy, but at the correct pace! Blimey!) and 5 miles to happen today (1 mile jog, 3 miles marathon pace, 1 mile jog).



7 thoughts on “Ladies, talk to me of running knickers

  1. I bought some short type cotton knickers (no lace) from Next a few ago and they are doing the job. They’re seamless and, because they have no elastic around the legs, they don’t chaff.

  2. What you need are Pure Lime shorts (they are knickers)- I get mine from less they are around £12 a pair, so not cheap, but they are wash at 40, short style, come in many colours (including black), seam free, stretchy, not cotton…- don’t know what they are but they are sweat wicking.

  3. Ah see without sounding crude I’m of the ‘less material is better’ camp so I’m no help. I have designated running undies (black, skimpy and M&S bulk buy) and find they work perfectly. I actually couldn’t imagine wearing, er, full knickers to exercise in as I’d be worried they’d bunch or give me a wedgie (ironic I suppose given my underwear of choice…). I feel like I’ve hugely over-shared here and haven’t helped you in any way! Sorry!

    • But you made me laugh. And I might try a pair just to see. If I go up a size they may just work. Options. I used to wear them for ballroom and Latin dancing and it was just a bit hit and miss on the comfort level.

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