Getting Things Done

Today, I failed on the parkrun front. It felt more important to just sleep. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night for the past couple of weeks. Combined with the clock change, and getting up in time to leave at 7:10 am Monday-Thursday, I’ve been knackered all week. Most Fridays, working from home, I start at 8am. Yesterday: I was still asleep at 8:30am. With a marathon in just over a week’s time, it’s more important that I sleep than run. And, oh! The luxury. I must go to bed reasonably early tonight. I intend to be on the 8:10 train to Reading, so I can complete the Reading Half. Note: complete. 9 miles at marathon pace and then I am walking the rest of it. I’m supposed to be tapering. I’ve got the Sheila Hancock Just A Minute Episodes downloaded to the phone to keep me steady and occupied for the last bit. I always go slower with Just a Minute going. And much faster with N in tow. That’s inaccurate. Much faster when N is towing me.

We’ve been running together quite a bit – the only good thing about him not doing Manchester Marathon is that he’s not training intensely, so I get to run with him. This is doing grand things. I get more competitive when he’s about, and want to keep up, so I’ve sped up just a little. I’m putting more in where I might be sauntering. Superb.

So. This morning, I ate breakfast on the back door step. Watched the birdies.Contemplated a table. Contemplated clearing some more leaves.

Made a couple of phone calls – the important one was to The Quilt Room, as I’ve finally finished the quilt I bought material for in, oh, 2010, on a trip to Florida. There’s 625 2″ squares in the centre of it. Next time I quilt (I have material bought in 2012, when we went to Illinois), I’m doing something vastly less fiddly. The Quilt Room ladies have a long arm quilting machine, and will do a vastly better job than I will. I just want it done.

Found Em’s sewing scissors. I’m on an embroidery jag, partly in an effort to encourage my left arm to just calm the heck down, and stop tensing up. Partly because – wow, it’s fun, and much easier than I thought it was. I’ve got embroidery in progress to travel with, and I’m finishing off Em’s sampler (I’ve only been working on that since 2009). I rather want to finish it before I change jobs in May.

Failed to get to the bank before it shut. Well. I managed N’s bank, but not mine. Paid in one cheque, discovered that N will have to get another reissued. However, at least cheque #1 is paid in. Went to the post office, meandered round Asda, bought some shampoo for the foodbank, and some FGS for us (they were on special). Amongst other things. OK. I have Bailey’s for alcoholic hot chocolate again.

Had coffee. And lunch out. Gluten-free falafel wraps are vastly more palatable when heated up a little.

Washed the front door step and the PVC of the front windows. I think a second attempt will be required, but they look vastly more sanitary now.

Hung some pictures up. Pulled myself together, and found 8 photographs to go in the family picture frame I want to put above the fireplace in the dining room. Ordered them. I’m not happy with one – but it’ll do as a placeholder (rather than just putting things off until I track down something suitable). The frame has only been sitting in the dining room since early December. In other exciting house news: there will be carpet by Mid-May. Which means we can have a housewarming without worrying about people injuring themselves on the stairs (currently a lovely combination of carpet grippers, underlay, and bare wood). I’ve put up my school photos, three pictures in the downstairs loo (I think one is too high up, and I think I might want to replace it with something larger), one in the hallway, one on the landing, and two in our bedroom.

Uploaded pictures of completed efforts to Ravelry. Caught up on guidemin, caught up on blogs. Still need to track down some curtains on eBay (N put the rail up in the spare room, so we can now have people to stay. If we can clear floorspace..)

And then some chickeny-pasta for supper. With a spot of red wine. And hoping for an unbroken night’s sleep.



6 thoughts on “Getting Things Done

  1. Fingers crossed for a good night’s rest for you. Broken sleep is the worst, I was woken by a lorry at 5:30 this morning.

    Good luck with your run too.

  2. A lie in sounds like the right option- rest is as important as training, and sometimes you just need a more relaxing start at the weekends.

  3. I fully agree with Maria. There’s always another week for parkrun, sleep can be far more necessary! It’s nice that N can help you with your running though sad his marathon hasn’t gone to plan.

    • He’s brilliant – when we first started going out, his marathon pace was about my 10K pace. I’m now creeping up to his inital marathon pace (he now aims for 3:20…)

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