Perfectly to plan

a.k.a. Reading Half Marathon.

Nine miles at an average of 8:57 min/mile (there was a hill at mile three, and I got a bit un-cautious after that)

3.5 miles at a brisk walk of 14 mins/mile (with jelly babies, and a gel round about mile 11, as I was flagging slightly, and a bit of texting N, who had finished well before me). People were very encouraging.

0.6 miles at an ever increasing pace, as I rather got my grrr on, meaning a sprint finish and leaping into mid air as I crossed the finish line. Yep. Grandstanding for the stadium. Realised that everyone else was giving me the evils in a sort of “how the hell has she got the energy for that?” manner. Tant pis. I was BORED by that point.


The only thing that didn’t go to plan was the start. Half an hour it took to walk from the loos to the starting pen, mostly because of bad crowd management. And then it started 20 minutes late, with no real explanation as to why (presumably said appalling crowd management?) Bit disappointing that. I know it’s a long way from loos to start, but, it’s not half an hour’s walk…

I feel vastly more positive about Manchester next weekend. Plug in the music, and meander along with the 4 hour pacer, I think.



2 thoughts on “Perfectly to plan

  1. Well done for sticking perfectly to your plan! And it was, for once, actually nice weather for the Reading Half. The two times I’ve doe it it was awful and so so cold.
    Oooh good luck for Manchester – my fingers are crossed for you!!

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