Catching up

The big news round here: we have carpet! No more teetering down our (somewhat steep) stairs of a morning attempting to avoid being bitten by the carpet grippers. Naturally, I had a nightmare last night that, somehow, a second flight of stairs had appeared and we’d managed to fail to carpet those as part of the process. I’ve hoovered the entire lot – it’s very fluffy, and I had to empty the Dyson three times. There is still fluff. Just less of it.

Carpet means the spare room is beginning to take shape. In that we’ve assembled the bed, and put it in a corner of the room. Still no curtains, so we can’t actually put anyone up for the night, but we have a bed. Actually, still no bedding (that appears to be in storage), so even if we did have curtains, we’d still be a little stuck for people staying. But, there is a bed. It has a mattress. This is progress of sorts.

This afternoon, I’m going to sort out my loose knitting patterns, and put them into some sort of order. I am fed up with not being able to find a pattern. I think it would make slightly more sense to have all the hats in one folder, baby stuff in another, socks in another, shawls in another etc. Rather than four folders containing everything in something that approaches chronological order of acquisition, but only in the loosest sense of the word. I’ve also got intentions about getting photographs into a frame, and finding a couple of frames online for the other photos I want to display. I have a John Lewis voucher and I’m not afraid to use it.

I’ve been for two short runs along the canal. Very ploddy and slow. I’m still recovering from last weekend. I’m utterly shattered. I’m stressed by leaving work – everyone seems to want a piece of me and to tell me how sad they are that I’m leaving (really? I’m just a DBA. You can get plenty of competent DBAs. I’m not even convinced I’m that competent!). Add in some awful, awful news about a friend which completely derailed me on Thursday, a distinct lack of sleep until Friday night, and I’ve just not got it in me right now.  The last two years have seen practically every single major life change going on – bereavement, marriage, moving house, changing job…. Frankly, just getting out and having a pootle seemed like enough for the weekend. Anything more energetic is just going to have to wait.

I need to get it in me. I’ve got one weekend before Cakeathon! Then I’m heading into surgery for endometriosis, and a fortnight after that, the new job begins. I’ve spent well over an hour on the phone to my colleague who got me the job – I feel vastly more reassured about that, and I’m hopeful that I’ll start sleeping through the night again. And get enough sleep generally. I’ll have much more opportunity to work from home – a global team – so I can take advantage of the lack of commute and run more.

It’s not so much the painful periods that are prompting me to surgery – I’ve dealt with those for so many years (and they’ve become vastly less painful since I’ve been running. Still tough enough to knock me out for a bit, still tough enough to need codeine on occasion, but, generally, shorter lived pain which responds better to pain killers). It’s wanting to make this little family a bit bigger.  Endometriosis is getting in the way of this. We’re pretty sure I’m fairly good at conceiving. Keeping pregnant, nah, not so much. And it’s exhausting, physically and mentally.  I’m no spring chicken, and nor is N. Mum may have had me when she was 42 – but the root cause of my issues isn’t going to get better on its own. It’s just going to get worse. Heck. I’ve had scans for this issue twice in the last 10 years, but it was only the last one, back in October last year, which actually pinpointed the root cause of, I suspect, all my symptoms. Not just the pain, but, as I discovered while researching, the issues I have with wheat in particular and digestion in general.

So. I feel fairly positive about it all. And, while I’ve been feeling positive, I’ve been casting on.  Call it spring startitis. Call it the natural result of not knitting for a fortnight.


Socks (I needed emergency yarn and needles on Thursday night. iKnit London obliged. It’s beautiful stuff – a combination of Wisteria and Laburnum).

A Hug for Diana (this is the second of the Hitchhiker shawlettes I’ve started on. The third I might actually manage to make for me…)



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  1. Oh gosh I’m sorry to hear about all your stress. At least the Cakeathon should be fun! Just enjoy it šŸ™‚ Hope the surgery goes OK too. Sounds pretty rubbish what you’ve been going through.
    Fingers crossed the job move is smooth as well x

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