Well, that was a shock

I don’t think anyone seriously believed we’d leave the EU. But there it is. 

I’ve been in Indianapolis with work this past fortnight. I am terrified that come two years, I’ll be being encouraged to relocate (multinational company) But, then again, I can do my particular job anywhere. And the company still will want to sell in the UK as well as Europe. So perhaps panic is overrated. Certainly a 24/7 database needs admins in multiple times ones. 

Sitting alone in my hotel room, watching the results come in, was horrible. Much of family has

 voted to leave and seem unconcerned by stock and currency volatility (and how long will it last?). So many friends have a knee jerk reaction of wanting to leave, to seek other passports. I don’t have that option. Elderly parents and all that goes with them. Mind you, since getting back this afternoon, even my Mum has conceded that it was going to be unpleasant for a while.

There will be photos when I’m home. Because this was an awesome trip, and I’m looking forward to coming back. Indianapolis is great, and I can see why Dad has such fond memories of visits in the 1980s. And I’m not just saying that because I was 5th female home in the Color Run (29:39. It wasn’t a fast race, despite the flatness!). It’s really been awesome. We use that word a lot at work. 

I learned lots. I learned how much more there is to learn. It is like starting out all over again…. It’s exciting and scary. 

The world is exciting and scary. Orlando. Brexit. It was a tough fortnight to be away from N. But it’s ok with the good people round you. 

Here. Have some photos. In no particular order. 


2 thoughts on “Well, that was a shock

  1. Very scary indeed. It seems a lot of people are already regretting their decision- I think some people voted leave as a protest vote as they didn’t think it would actually happen. Sigh. I didn’t know anyone who voted to leave but I have been told I live in a “middle class bubble” so I should not have been surprised.
    Looks like a good trip, especially a work one!

  2. It is a scary time. My dad and me butted heads about it leading up to the vote and it was clear neither us would change our minds so we agreed to stop talking about it. He voted out, I voted in. Happily though I managed to persuade my mum – for what good it did in the end! I guess now we just have to suck it up and get on with it, hoping we won’t be thrown into a recession or an insular country left out of everything.
    That rain looks crazy. We’ve had some crazy storms in the UK too (Alfie hates thunder and it was not a fun experience with him at 3am when it all kicked off!). Glad you had a good time – great selfies! That run looks awesome.

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