We are having a barbecue

Seems there’s little point in having a garden and a barbecue without using it. We have 4 burgers and ketchup, and mayo, and salad, and brown sauce, and buns. We did have exotic ideas about corn on the cob, but it had gone totally manky so we gave up on those. 

Yesterday I achieved 9 miles (parkrun oversleeping failure) and it was easier than the last time I’d done that route. Tomorrow I will be rushing to intervals training having worked from home – I thought N was working from home and would be in for the furniture people/Royal Mail/etc but I was apparently way off on that one. Still. Intervals last week was so brilliant, despite my being 14 minutes late, that I’m going again. I want to do Tallinn half some sort of justice in September. Now I’m not going to be heading to Indy, and thus not battling jet lag for a month afterwards, I feel like putting in some effort. 

I’ve finally finished the socks I starred in a state of woe in mid-April. I’d picked up the Metro on the way into work, stumbled across a familiar looking face, read underneath that someone had been arrested for his murder, and had to buy some emergency knitting supplies to get a grip on myself. Plain vanilla socks, repetitive motions to soothe the soul. 

Awful photo. 

I’m also knitting some Jaywalker socks for N

Love this pattern. 

In the interim, I have met with friends, admired the view from the office window, and painted my nails very sparkly. I am working on a cotton sweater for N for our wedding anniversary, but it is black ribbing and impossible to photograph and very boring once I have. 

I also went to Chessington, camping, with the Rangers, and had an excellent time. It helped that it was sunny. I liked the Bubbleworks Ride, then something involving laser guns shooting at spiders. And the pseudo safari. Did not enjoy dragons drop. Had to have some chocolate to recover from that. 

I left the upside down bits to the Rangers. Also, face paints make people smile at you. 

We have done a spot of gardening today, mostly clearing leaves from the ever shedding magnolia, and digging stuff we don’t like, or which is dead, out. We have a private blackberry patch behind the garage, and a massive bramble in the front garden. Massive. We also have a huge slug issue and some out of control roses. The garden hasn’t been looked after for a couple of years and it needs more attention. We’re not very good gardeners, but are gradually feeling less daunted as we make decisions. I think my next decision is a buddelia bush where the dead Rose was. And to jettison the hanging baskets. I have no idea what to put in them. Two are full of dead stuff. Two have some anaemic looking ivy. None gladden the eye. 

Tallinn first. I wasn’t going to bother to do anything bar get round because the previous trip to Indy whacked me out so massively. This week I’ve been putting more effort in, and I want to keep doing that and finish in a respectable time. 


2 thoughts on “We are having a barbecue

  1. Love the sparkly nails!
    Your garden makes me think of ours- since we moved we have not done a massive amount in the garden- we want to leave things in case they turn out to be nice looking plants. But there are some evil roses (with the biggest thorns totally covering the stems) so we have chopped some of those down.Also when we chop things down, we find that the plants were hiding junk left behind by the previous owners, so that then adds to the list of jobs. I love buddleias- good for the butterflies too.

  2. I haven#t been to Chessington in AGES. I remember the Bubbleworks ride – but it didn’t have the laser thing then. Saying that they changed the Haunted House in Alton Towers to be a laser thing too. Kids clearly aren’t entertained enough by just seeing things on a ride, they have to be doing stuff too…

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