Things to remember

  1. Sometimes a cup of tea and a biscuit should be applied before anything else (particularly applicable if you’ve been trying to lose 2kg in the last month and have lost slightly more).
  2. I always fall to bits about a fortnight before a Big Race (length or overseas) when N is supposed to be running but may not be. I am perfectly capable of running whatever distance I train for. At a decent pace. 
  3. Talking to N generally sorts everything out where 1. hasn’t quite cut the mustard and I’ve forgotten 2.
  4. People are kind. Ask for help. 

As you were. I had chocolate yesterday. I may have some today as well. 


6 thoughts on “Things to remember

  1. You’re allowed to have the wobbles. And if you need a listening ear, or somebody who’s quite happy to have a baby-free conversation, I’m always available for either you or N. xx

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