Two years!

We’ve been married for two years! And it’s brilliant….


(This is one of my favourite pictures of N).

N has bought himself a turbo trainer: Tallinn marathon definitely isn’t happening for him, as his Achilles is still niggling (but seems happier with cycling than running. And, if getting a bike ride in means he’s a happier bunny, I am Very Much for this. Even if it does mean a bicycle in the dining room. Grumpy husbands are No Fun at all).  His anniversary sweater is still a work in progress – it’ll be done by October. Knitting denim yarn involves getting black fingers. Black fingers come off on everything, but are impossible to clean. He says he can tell where I’ve been when I’m knitting his sweater as there are little fingerprints everywhere.  He’s been wiping them up.

I, meanwhile, managed a nice long run on Sunday (10 miles) and a slower parkrun on Saturday. I got quite upset by parkrun – a lass, about 9 or ten, was running, and struggling, and sobbing her little heart out. She managed to catch up with her Dad (aren’t under-10s supposed to be within arms reach of their responsible adults at all times?) who was really rather yelly and overbearing with her. So I suggested that she run and listen to my breathing (she sounded absolutely asthmatic), as I’m really loud at breathing, and that slowed her just a bit, so she could catch her breath, and she was OK after that – but, really, it felt like her Dad was pushing her for his own benefit of “my daughter can beat xyz” rather than making sure she enjoyed her running. It just wasn’t fair. You do not want to hear a child sobbing for her Daddy to stay with her. You just don’t.

We went to see The BFG on Sunday. We had free cinema tickets from the health insurance. I’ve now ordered bits and pieces to make glowing dream jars and whizzpopping corgis with the Brownies. I am so looking forward to this. I worked out the prototypes on the way homes from the cinema.

Monday we cleaned out the Guide Loft. Six of us. It took six and half hours, but you can now see the floor in there, everything is neatly in boxes and labelled, the tents have been consolidated, and we’ve binned about 10 bags of unused, sticky, broken, stuff. It’s all organised by theme, and we can Find Stuff. Totes amazeballs. I am slightly bruised, and needed a thorough sluicing down afterwards. I also made the mistake of failing to eat lunch, and having an inadequate (although tasty) supper from Marks & Spencer on the train home, accompanied by a gin-inna-tin. Those things are lethal. It took four hours for the thing to wear off. I am such a lightweight.

You can see the floor. This is what it was like:

So pleased that’s sorted. 


2 thoughts on “Two years!

  1. That clear out looks so satisfying! Schools are the same- classroom cupboards gradually get more and more full during the year, and I think in the summer holidays I managed about 10 bags of rubbish (the school hired a skip which was very exciting). Then there are the communal areas like behind the hall curtain which are just awful!
    That is terrible about that child at parkrun. When I was tail running at the St Albans one there was a mum who was being so awful to her child- saying things like she would get fat if she didn’t run, and having a go at her even though her child was crying. I was tail running with another person, and we both felt so awkward about it. As it was 3 laps, at the end of the second one they had stopped (because the girl was crying yet again) so the guy said “is that you finished?” which made them stop, thankfully. That poor child. Running should be fun, and there is no way that girl has good memories of going to the park to run, sadly.
    Congratulations on your anniversary too.

  2. Oh that’s really awful about that child. Way to go to making them hate running, stupid dad. Grrr! Lovely of you to have helped her out though.
    Congratulations on your anniversary 🙂

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