I nearly managed to do my tax return at the weekend. I almost got on top of the Guidemin. We went to B&Q and bought a second pair of secateurs (and I trimmed the front garden a bit). I’ve managed to  critically the book I needed to read. I have survived some long days at work, and also made it to running club Intervals (we did Oregon Intervals. For my last lap, I decided to try and keep up with the guy from the super-fast group which trains at the same time us. I managed 380m at a 6:10 min/mile before pegging out. He kept going). 

Tomorrow, I intend to leave work on time and not rush to the club run…. today I left late, caught my intended train only cos it was also late, and was so wrung out by the time I got home I had fish fingers for supper. Balanced with baked beans and broccoli….


6 thoughts on “Adulting

  1. Well done on getting stuff done and the run. I fail at being an adult weekly now… really need to sort myself out!
    I haven’t had fish fingers in… years?? Crazy.

  2. Cutting a hedge is hard work but very satisfying- I only did ours once but it was so pleasing to look out the front and see how neat (?) it looked.

  3. Yep, adulting is tough. I wish I’d realised quite how easy I had things as a kid. My adulting to-do-list for this week includes clearing out my garage, organising the filing cabinet and bundling up clothes for the charity shop. The list is literally never ending though. Wouldn’t life be great if we could just run and read blogs all day?!

    • It would be lovely! I am getting better at the list again. Which helps matters. We did forget to look for lampshades and B&Q though. And only realised about four days later. Oh well. It will wait.

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