In which we have mingled emotions

Bright and early it was, and we went to the local gynae department to discuss NHS IVF. Except? Well. By the time we’d waited about a bit, it wasn’t early (and we had failed on breakfast owing to oversleeping), and by the time we’d spent half an hour answering questions to then be told we’re not eligible because I’m too old… which is a shame as I wasn’t too old in our previous health authority… we didn’t feel too bright. 

But lo! A new hope opened up as he decided to check that I really was ovulating (we think I am) with an entirely different blood test which no one else has bothered to do. And, pending the results of that, I could possibly be put onto Clomid for a cycle or so… or just be sent privately for IVF. I only have the emotional wherewithal to do one or two cycles. After that, we may consider adoption. 

Update 22nd December, which is our next appointment. 


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