I admit defeat

Evidently, I’m not going to manage to regain that 3lb anytime soon. So I have scoured eBay, and found two pairs of jeans a size smaller than my ‘usual’ size. This should have the effect of making my ‘usual’ size actually fit again. eBay being my only hope – they no longer make this cut of jeans. And it’s the only cut I’ve found which doesn’t gap at the back of the waist.

I generally admit defeat somewhere around the point where it occurs to me, after a day’s wear, to try getting my jeans off without undoing them. I was successful…

On the plus side, I did have a lovely day with Mum yesterday, got to cuddle a three week old baby (So delicate! So farty! Such delicate little farts!), put her Christmas Tree up, complete with 500 lights – I’ll take pictures when we’re there for Christmas, finally mailed the last of the Christmas cards and presents, and then went into town for Brownie Promises. The weekend was also fun, with a trip in for the Running Club Christmas Dinner (we didn’t really stay to dance, because the music wasn’t to our tastes, but we had a lovely time, and I think N is nearly ready to join), and buying N some wellies to go to Venice with next week (must add hold luggage to the flight. It’ll be simpler. Between two pairs of wellies, and wanting to bring back at least three glass Christmas Tree Decorations, I think we’ll want it). Running is slightly falling by the wayside – I managed 3.5-ish miles at lunchtime. It’s hard to tell exactly how far I went, as the Strava trace puts me inside several buildings. The perils of running in the City of London. Right now, I’m averaging 15 miles/week, down from 20. But that’s fine. Two nice mid-week runs, parkrun plus a longer run on Sunday (or just a long run on Saturday), and nothing in the diary until the Pednor 10 on 31st December, and the Box Hill Knacker Cracker (or Cracker Knacker?) on New Year’s Day. Which supposedly involved fancy dress (why? I have No Idea What To Wear. Perhaps I could get a black running top and some ears and a tail and be a kitty cat? WITH A BELL! I could take apart my morris bell pads…).

Was shattered by the time I got home last night (the train running late didn’t help matters – and the cold weather just adds to the tired feeling), and had to go straight to bed. And then fell asleep while listening to Cabin Pressure. Which I don’t usually do. That’s N’s job.


2 thoughts on “I admit defeat

  1. Have a lovely time in Venice!
    I think fancy dress when running is a right pain- I tend to go for a hand band/ deely boppers because then it isn’t as annoying and you can still wear actual running clothes.

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