Oh, eBay.

I now have jeans which fit. More or less. Well. They fit better than the ones that I could remove without undoing earlier in the week.

This makes a rather huge difference. One pair skinny jeans, one pair straight leg (basically, all that was available in the same cut as my ‘usual’, now no-longer-made, pairs). One inch smaller round the waist than my ‘usual’ pairs, and a grand cost of £15 plus some postage. Baggy jeans which aren’t actually cut to be baggy are the most demoralising leg wear option. They look awful, and are most uncomfortable. It’s just all wrong. I favour a Levi’s Bold Curve jean, which tends not to gape at the waist: I’m really picky about my jeans, and although I’ve tried lots of other brands, they never stay in the wardrobe for long.

Thank you eBay.

I have also discovered the wondrousness of Disney Albums. And have been merrily leaping around dancing like a four year old tanked up on Percy Pigs. It’s been grand fun. And, I had today off work – and slept in until 9.30am, and stayed in bed until 10.30am. We’re going to Venice tomorrow, for a short break, which will be lovely. I think I’m going to enjoy it a bit more, because I’ll be better rested for it. I’ve been for a 5 mile run today (bit faster than marathon pace, but not much) and tomorrow is parkrun. I may try out my new running leggings (TKMaxx – I am so fed up with the two pairs I possess which have zippers and which rub holes in my ankle every time I wear them). I will wear one layer fewer than I did today. 12 degrees isn’t so warm – but is warm enough that I don’t need leggings, and sleeves, and a t-shirt. My calf is being a bit annoying, so I want to keep it warm..otherwise, I need to be careful about not overdoing the layers the way I did at Manchester.

Now, I intend to wrap up N’s stocking presents. While he’s out with his friend S. N wants some cycling shoes for Christmas, but that’s going to involve going to the shop and handing over my card when he’s chosen what he wants, and won’t involve any wrapping up. And that’s rather less fun on Christmas day. I’ve not completely completed the Christmas Shopping. One or two entirely impossible to-buy-fors are getting glass baubles from Venice as their presents.