To Do

  • Run 31 miles before the end of the year (7 miles planned tonight – I am going to do 3 parks. I am. I am. 10 miles on New Year’s Eve…so, only need to find another 17 miles in the next few days. Easy). I did three parks! 7.5 miles boom! Then I failed to adequately rehydrate, and got a running-hangover. As at 28th December: 7 miles to go. Did 5 miles for 3 days running, and another 5 last night: it turns out I needed to do closer to 37 miles, as I’d managed to double-log one run.
  • Locate spousal Christmas card kit, make, present to him….
  • Fertility Consultant Appointment (at which I confidently expect to be told that I am ovulating, so why did we have to wait around for a month yet more tests on this particular question?) Well, it turns out that, after 2.5 years, and well over a year of tracking with various gadgets and *not* getting more than a couple of ‘you have ovulated’ smiley faces…I’m probably not ovulating that effectively. Hello Clomid. Which made me feel utterly loopy for the first hour or so after taking it. So may need taking at bedtime. And it’s taken everyone *this* long to suggest this as a method? Why did no-one do that cheapy-cheap (it costs about £5) blood test to check my progesterone mid-cycle this time last year? 28th December: well, it seems I have few side effects from Clomid other than being slightly more prone to tears and snapping than normal. I am lucky, it seems…
  • Very early appointment for mental health referral, fortunately on telephone (they lost my opt-in form, so I got fast tracked slightly). Referral for CBT. Really looking forward to getting a grip on this.
  • Add chicken to next Ocado order, so we can do roast chicken and then I can make more stock, and then make more excellent soup (so, this whole being more vegetarian thing is going gently – organic meat, and organic chicken do sneak in to the trolley on occasion. Plus, there is no sense in attempting a vegetarian diet at my parents’. It just causes woe).
    Remembered we have a turkey crown. Going to make stock from that.
  • Remember upholstery kit to take back to parents Woot!
  • Finish the tax return
  • Sort out a date for another flat inspection (have they managed to clean the cupboards at all? Or are there still sticky patches? Does the back bedroom reek of teenage boy still, despite being inhabited by a grown up?)
  • Try to get back on track with #fmslimphotoaday Still trying.
  • Turn off the social media for at least 24 hours (OK, doesn’t quite gel with the photo-a-day challenge…) and play Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit Actually did quite well. I’m still in my favourite Twitter conversation, but ignored facebook for several days. Have decided to basically ignore FB except where I’m actively needing to do something Guiding Related.
  • Finish @aminorjourney’s socks. Start L’s socks. Finish my cardigan. Start something else (I have a hankering for a gossamer weight shawl that looks like a snowflake, if I can find the Kid Silk Haze) Cardigan blocking. Socks still in progress. Found shawl pattern. Almost finished crocheted bunny. Finished off embroidery.
  • Buy coffee machine to cope with 8am starts in London on on-call days. Proper coffee is going to be required. Indecisive on this one. Debating with N.
  • Update County Facebook Group (when not having that 24 hours off)
  • Establish supplies needed for next year’s zombie felties present for E.
  • Synchronise iPod. Find Otherkin MP3.
  • Keep updating this blog…


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  1. We played a game of Scrabble last night! I haven’t played Trivial Pursuit for years though.
    Good luck at your appointments this week. I hope that you have some positive news.

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